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  • Family History Association of North Queensland

    Preserving The Past, Enriching the Future

    The Family History Association of North Queensland Inc. (FHANQ) founded in 1980 is a not for profit organisation. The Association was incorporated in Queensland on 20 June 1986, Certificate No 1651.


    Let Us Help You Discover Your Story

    The objects of the association are to foster and promote the study, practice and preservation of family and local history and allied subjects.

Uncover Your Family Stories

Immerse yourself in the captivating tales of your ancestors and explore the rich tapestry of your family's history.

Discover the captivating stories of your ancestors and uncover the rich tapestry of your family's history with the Family History Association of North Queensland (FHANQ). Established with a passion for heritage and a commitment to preserving our collective past, we are a vibrant community who share a love for genealogy and historical research worldwide.

Preserving History
Connecting Generations

Vast Library Resources

Delve into our extensive collection of worldwide books, maps, microfiche, and microfilm resources.

Our extensive FHANQ library resources have been a valuable asset for countless members in their pursuit of family history exploration. Whether you are just beginning your journey or are an experienced researcher, our collection provides a treasure trove of information and insights waiting to be discovered. Immerse yourself in the stories of the past as you explore our vast library of worldwide resources.

Experienced Volunteers
at Your Service

We are here to assist you on your genealogical journey.

Our dedicated experienced volunteer research assistants, are always on hand to offer guidance and support during your visit to our Family History research rooms, open six days a week.

A Remarkable Database

Explore our in-house database indexing millions of individual references, uncovering the historical development of North Queensland.

In our relentless pursuit of preserving local history, we have painstakingly maintained an in-house database known as the North Queensland Collection. This remarkable resource is a comprehensive index of surname and forename references found within our library, comprising over a million individual references and encompassing more than 52,000 surnames and variants. Covering the historical development of Queensland shires straddling the Tropic of Capricorn 23.5°S and extending north to Cape York, west to the Northern Territory border, with the exception of the City of Rockhampton, this database is an indispensable tool for researchers seeking to unravel their North Queensland heritage.

Membership and The Benefits that Come With it

Facilities include in-house computer databases; guides; indexes; reference books and magazines; other reference tools together with microfiche and microfilm reader printers and scanners. The internet is available on internal computers or use our free Wi-Fi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers to 
Common Questions

Do you only have Townsville records?
No we can research local, Australian and Worldwide records.
Are all the records available on Ancestry?

To date all records are not online. Ancestry is not the only source. Your membership to FHANQ entitles you to access Ancestry and many other programs and resources in our rooms without paying a subscription.

How can I find someone’s grave?
FHANQ holds quite a deal of cemetery records from throughout Australia and some overseas. Our Volunteers are experienced knowing where to look! Let us help you.
How did my family get to Australia?
Our resource rooms hold in house programs, microfilm, microfiche and books to help track their travels. Also, we are able to access other databases.
Why would I do my family history?
  • Make new friends
  • Find long-lost cousins
  • Find unknown relatives
  • See how occupations have carried on in families throughout centuries
  • Keep your brain alive
  • Locate places
  • Discover old homes and schools
  • For the memories
  • Fun for young and old