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NAMEPlacePeriod Contact
AITKEN, Sarah Ellen Townsville 1890 Ruby Averkoff
ALLAN Emerald, ALL 1865-93 Kimelle Davis
ALLAN, Mary Barcaldine 1893 Kimelle Davis
ALLAN, Peter Cairns 1894-1925 Kimelle Davis
ALLAN, William Cairns 1894-1911 Kimelle Davis
ALLWOOD, RobertCairns1880+ Carol Wood
ANDERSON, EvaTownsville1880+ Ken Deuble
ANDERSON, FrederickTownsville1880+ Ken Deuble
ANDERSON, SophiaTownsville1900+ Ken Deuble
ANDERSON, William PTownsville1925 Annette Anderson
ANDREWARTHA, JanetTownsville1915 John Smith
ANDREWARTHA, John HillTownsville1912 John Smith
ANDREWARTHA, NancyTownsville1918 John Smith
ANDREWARTHA, Nicholas WJHerberton1893 John Smith
ATKINSON, AnnCairns1886-1900 Kevin Robins
ATKINSON, AnnTate Tin Mines1886-1900 Kevin Robins
ATKINSON, AnnMareeba1886-1900 Kevin Robins
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BARR, Donald HenryAyr1909-1950 Helen Douglas
BARR, Pearly Myrtle LouiseAyr1989 Helen Douglas
BARRY, Francis JohnRockhampton1870-1890 Eleanor Barry
BARRY, Francis JohnHughenden1890-1915 Eleanor Barry
BARRY, Michael JosephChillagoe1886-1907 Eleanor Barry
BAXTER, IkeTownsville1930's Elizabeth Eldred
BAXTER, JackTownsville1930's Elizabeth Eldred
BEHAN, ThomasCairnsALL Rhonda Harris
BELL, JamesMungana1900 Leslie Bell
BENDING, AlfredALL1800+ Christine Grell
BENNETT, IsabellaMungana1900 Leslie Bell
BENSON,Rockhampton1900+ Kimelle Davis
BERRIDGERockhampton1854-1900 Barbara Holland
BLEETownsville1882 Kathy Grant
BOWERS, JohnALL1800+ Christine Grell
BRAY, AbdielCharters Towers1900+ Chris Wright
BRAY, ThomasCharters Towers1900+ Chris Wright
Bridson, EdmundRockhampton1868-1909 Margaret Szalay
BUCHANAN, LeonardRockhampton1904-1983 Lorrae Johnson
BURKE, BridgetRockhampton1864-1911 Margaret Szalay
BURSTONMackay1880+ Iona Fettell
BUTCHER, Frederick R MCairnsc1900 Lyn Poulton
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CAREY, John Townsville1870+ Ken Deuble
CASHTownsville1910 - 50 Beth Robertson
CHAPMANALL1910+ Kimelle Davis
CHESHIREInnisfail1892 Annette Anderson
CHEATLEY, Catherine (Kate)Cairns1876-1930 Jacqui Wyatte
CLEAL, Sampson (Nat)Townsville1886-1899 Roger Cleal
CLOUGH, Charles FrancisAtherton1900 Annette Anderson
COENIKRockhampton1870+ Iona Fettell
COENIKMackay1870+ Iona Fettell
COENIKAtherton1870+ Iona Fettell
COLLETT, Louis MichelMackay1882 - 1915 Karen Lamb
COLLETT, Louis Michel FerdinandMackay1881 - 1916  
COLLINS, Margaret AnnTownsville1899 Robyn Vernon
COOKEBogantungan, Emerald,Barcaldine,
 Croydon, Charters Towers
1882+ Kimelle Davis
COOKEALL1870-1882 Kimelle Davis
COOMBS, Winifred AnnFossilbrook1920 Leslie Bell
CRANLEY, Aileen Rockhamptonc. 1890+ Margaret Szalay
CRANLEY, Celestine Rockhampton1902- Margaret Szalay
CRANLEY, Clement Joseph Rockhampton1906- Margaret Szalay
CRANLEY, James Timothy Rockhampton1877- Margaret Szalay
CRANLEY, Joseph Patrick Rockhampton1878 Margaret Szalay
CRANLEY, Thomas Michael Rockhampton1883-1952 Margaret Szalay
CRANLEY, Timothy Patrick Rockhampton1841-1925 Margaret Szalay
CRANLEY, William John Rockhampton1875-1942 Margaret Szalay
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DEUBLE Townsville1920+ Ken Deuble
DIBBENCharters Towers1880 - 1940 Sandy MacLean
DIBBEN, FrederickTownsville1917 - 1970 Sandy MacLean
DIBBEN, JessieTownsville1917 - 1938 Sandy MacLean
DIX, Catherine Elizabeth ALLPre 1927 Kimelle Davis
DIXON, JosephTully1930 Rhonda Harris
DONLON, OwenChillagoe1888-1910 Eleanor Barry
DONLON, OwenMareeba1910-1913 Eleanor Barry
DONOVAN Mary Ann (Marion)Croydon1889 Wendy Murphy
DOONER, Francis StephenCharters Towers1864-1932 Margaret Szalay
DOONER, LionelIngham1891-1965 Margaret Szalay
DOONER, MaryCharters Towers1863-1922 Margaret Szalay
DOONER, NevilleRockhampton1923-1986 Margaret Szalay
DOUBOIS, Louis AlfredMackay1880 - 1932 Karen Lamb
DOUBOIS, Savinien OscarMackay1881 - 1902 Karen Lamb
DOUGLASS, IsabellaMackay1883 Annette Anderson
DRISCOLL, EllenCroydon1890-1910 Kevin Robins
DRISCOLL, EllenCairns1890-1911 Kevin Robins
DUFF, ElizabethALL1896+ Kiaran Walsh
DUFFY, Grace CeciliaALLPre 1922 Kimelle Davis
DUNLOP, Mary ElizabethTownsville1912 John Smith
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EARDMAN All1870+ Nikki Carlos
ELLIS Mackay1890+ Iona Fettell
EVERETT, Alfred HenryTownsville  
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FLECK, Helen Townsville1889 Colleen Kingston
FLEMING, Edward Charters Towers  Annette Anderson
FOOT, Maria ALL1800+ Christine Grell
FOSTER, BillTownsville1901-1950 Eleanor Barry
FOSTER, GeorgeTownsville1901-1950 Eleanor Barry
FRANCIS, Rockhampton1860+ Julie Dern
FULLERTONMitchell Vale Stn, 
Port Douglas
1887+ A.O'Brien
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GALLANTY, JeanMackay1880 - 1910 Karen Lamb
GALLANTY, EvenorMackay1882 - 1912 Karen Lamb
GANTERMount Morgan1882+ Julie Dern
GANTERRockhampton1882+ Julie Dern
GENNINGESMackay, Rockhampton, 
Herberton, Clermont, Longreach
1860+ Kimelle Davis
GIRVAN, David Ravenswood1886-1903 Di Webb
GIRVAN, Mary JaneRavenswood1883-1911 Di Webb
GLENESKALL  Kimelle Davis
GORMANClermont1880 Kimelle Davis
GRAFFUNDERMackay1890 Lorrae Johnson
GRAY, ElizaALL1800+ Christine Grell
GRIFFITHSMackay1890+ Iona Fettell
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HALES, John Dunmore Irvinebank1900-1976 Leslie Bell
HALES, John DunmoreMareeba1900-1976 Leslie Bell
HANRANALL1866+ Ray Thurlow
HEBBARDMackay1870+ Iona Fettell
HERMAN, KatherineRockhampton1900 Di Webb
HICKEY, JohannaTownsville1869-1876 Thais Hardman
HIDES, George Thomas ParkerCairns1885-1930 Wendy Murphy
HIDES, Horace HerbertNormanton1900 Wendy Murphy
HIDES, John ParkerCairns1885-1950 Wendy Murphy
HIDES, John RobertCairns1900 Wendy Murphy
HINES, ElizaTownsville1880+ Ken Deuble
HINES, ElizaCharters Towers1880+ Ken Deuble
HINES, FannyTownsville1880+ Ken Deuble
HINES, WilliamTownsville1880+ Ken Deuble
HODEL, Francis CharlesTownsville1864 Annette Anderson
HOLMESMackay1870+ Iona Fettell
HOUNSELL, ThomasRockhampton1865-1881 Peter Morris
HOWLINGALL1870+ Kimelle Davis
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IRELAND, William HenryCharters Towers 1897-1905Chris Wright
IRELAND, William HenryBamford1897-1905 Chris Wright
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JAMES, EthelLongreach1892 Connie Williams
JENNINGSMackay, Rockhampton, 
Herberton, Clermont, Longreach
1860+ Kimelle Davis
JONESTownsville1880+ Ken Deuble
JONES, RichardCharters Towers1880+ Ken Deuble
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KADDATZ Mackay1872 Lorrae Johnson
KEARNEY, Anatasia Rockhampton1894- Margaret Szalay
KEARNEY, Annie Joseph Rockhampton1893- Margaret Szalay
KEARNEY, Bridget Rockhampton1864-1911 Margaret Szalay
KEARNEY, Bridget Mary Rockhampton1863-1938 Margaret Szalay
KEARNEY, Daniel Rockhampton1899- Margaret Szalay
KEARNEY, Gerald Rockhampton1873-1906 Margaret Szalay
KEARNEY, James Rockhampton1896- Margaret Szalay
KEARNEY, James William Rockhampton1874-1923 Margaret Szalay
KEARNEY, Johanna Rockhampton1862-1926 Margaret Szalay
KEARNEY, John Francis Cairns1863-1899 Margaret Szalay
KEARNEY, John Martin Rockhampton1863-1897 Margaret Szalay
KEARNEY, Mary Catherine Rockhampton1863-1903 Margaret Szalay
KEARNEY, Thomas Rockhampton1863-1875 Margaret Szalay
KEARNEY, Thomas Joseph Rockhampton1875-1928 Margaret Szalay
KEEBLE, Florence Agnes ALL1800+ Christine Grell
KEIOSKIEMackay1880+ Iona Fettell
KELLY, FannyTownsville1903+ Ken Deuble
KELLY, JohnTownsville1870+ Ken Deuble
KELLY, ThomasTownsville1870+ Ken Deuble
KENDALLAll1870+ Nikki Carlos
KERRRockhampton1900+ Kimelle Davis
KESSELLTownsville1900+ Chris Wright
KESSELLCharters Towers1900+ Chris Wright
KESSELL, Lily MayCharters Towers1900+ Chris Wright
KESSELL, Lily MayTownsville1900+ Chris Wright
KRUEGER, George EllertonALL1900+ Kimelle Davis
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LAPWORTH, FrancisCharters Towers1894-1897 Beattie Mayo
LAPWORTH, FrancisCharters Towers1903-1905 Beattie Mayo
LAPWORTH, FrancisCairns1914-1920 Beattie Mayo
LAPWORTH, Frank ArthurALLALL Beattie Mayo
LAPWORTH, JosephALLALL Beattie Mayo
LAPWORTH, PercivalALLALL Beattie Mayo
LARTER, WallyTownsville1930's Elizabeth Eldred
LAWES, Bertha GwendalineTownsville1895 Di Webb
LAWES, KatherineCharters Towers1897 Di Webb
LAWES, RobertALL1890 Di Webb
LE CLAIRE, GeorgesMackay1883 - 1908 Karen Lamb
LENAHAN, PatrickALLPre 1888 Kimelle Davis
LESTERRockhampton1880+ Julie Dern
LESTERYeppoon1880+ Julie Dern
LESTERByfield1880+ Julie Dern
LEWIS, Alfred EJWinton1889 Annette Anderson
LEWIS, GustaveTownsville1860-1922 Colleen Kingston
LOUK, RichardCharters TowersALL Rhonda Harris
LOUK, RichardIngham1930 Rhonda Harris
LUBY, PatrickTownsville1880 - 1950 Sandy MacLean
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MADDEN, MichaelRockhampton1870-1904 Lorrae Johnson
MADDIN, Mary E (Mariah)Rockhampton-1932 Theresa Tuohy
MAGUIRE, AnnieCharters TowersALL Darlene Allen
MAGUIRE, Mary Ann (Marion)Croydon1889 Wendy Murphy
MALPASS, HannahRavenswood1888-1940 Margaret Botfield
MARTIN, Thomas JosephEmerald1900-1939 Margaret Szalay
McCANN nee MURPHYHerbertonto 1890 Joan
McCANN, JohnHerbertonto 1904 Joan
McFEAT, JessieTownsville1884 Linda Leong
McGAW, JamesRockhampton1862-1898 Lorrae Johnson
McGEE, CatherineTownsville1869-1900 Thais Hardman
McGEE, MargaretTownsville1869-1900 Thais Hardman
McGREGOR, ElizabethRockhampton1870+ Eleanor Barry
McGUAYE, CatherineTownsville1869-1900 Thais Hardman
McGUAYE, MargaretTownsville1869-1900 Thais Hardman
McINTYRE, ArchibaldTownsville1880+ Carolyn Howe
McINTYRE, Peter AmbroseTownsville1880+ Carolyn Howe
McINTYRE, Richard BeckTownsville1870+ Carolyn Howe
McLEAN, GordonTownsville1896 - 1950 Sandy MacLean
McLEAN, JessieTownsville1892 - 1918 Sandy MacLean
McLEAN, Ruby MayTownsville1890 - 1915 Sandy MacLean
McLEAN, ThomasRockhampton1863 - 1900 Sandy MacLean
McLEAN, Mary Ann MargaretQLD1871 Sandy MacLean
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McLEAN, AlexanderTownsville1874 Sandy MacLean
McLEAN, JohnTownsville1861 - 1915 Sandy MacLean
McLEANCharters Towers1880 - 1940 Sandy MacLean
McLEAN, Thomas RossCharters Towers1900 - 1912 Sandy MacLean
McLEANMt Isa1880 - 1970 Sandy MacLean
MEILLANDByfieldAll Julie Dern
MEILLANDYeppoonAll Julie Dern
MELCHERT, Clara ElizabethTownsville1900+ Chris Wright
MELCHERT, William F MTownsville1880-1920 Chris Wright
MOORE, Ada EmilyMareeba1901-1928 Lorrae Johnson
MOOREHEADMackay1900+ Iona Fettell
MOOREHEADRockhampton1900+ Iona Fettell
MORAN, KitTully District1900+ Carmel Raven
MORRIS, Charles RobertRockhampton1869-1881 Peter Morris
MORRIS, Frederick JamesRockhampton1865-1881 Peter Morris
MORRIS, Frederick ThomasRockhampton1899 Lorrae Johnson
MORRIS, George HounsellRockhampton1871-1881 Peter Morris
MORRIS, Herbert AmbroseRockhampton1867-1881 Peter Morris
MORRIS, Joseph ArchibaldRockhampton1876-1881 Peter Morris
MORRIS, Kate EmmaRockhampton1865-1881 Peter Morris
MORRIS, Laura HildredRockhampton1878-1881 Peter Morris
MORRIS, Mary AnnRockhampton1865-1881 Peter Morris
MORRIS, Maud MaryRockhampton1873-1881 Peter Morris
MORRIS, RobertRockhampton1865-1881 Peter Morris
MUNDON, Harold JohnAyr1897-1934 Helen Douglas
MURRAY, William Francis  Rockhamptonc1890-1968 Margaret Szalay
NEWTON All1890-1920 Jeff Holmes
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NEWTON Ravenswood1877-1920 Phillip Murphy
NEWTONCharters Towers1895-1920 Phillip Murphy
NEWTONTownsville1895-1960 Phillip Murphy
NEWTONAyr1895-1960 Phillip Murphy
NOBLEMackay1880-1890 Kimelle Davis
NORRIS, WilliamCairnsc1900 Lyn Poulton
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O'CONNELL, BridgetInnisfail1870-1940 Chris Wright
OGSTONAll1870+ Nikki Carlos
ORDMitchell Vale Stn near Port Douglas1887+ A O'Brien
O'REGAN, JohnCairns1876-1930 Jacqui Wyatte
O'SULLIVAN, HighieTownsville1901 Robyn Vernon
O'SULLIVAN, Thomas PatrickTownsville1883-1925 Robyn Vernon
OWENS, John PatrickCloncurry1901 Lorrae Johnson
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PAGE, ThomasTownsville1870-1930 Kathy Grant
PERRY, AdonijahHomeBush, Mackay1868-1890 Jill
PHILLIPSRockhampton1850+ Julie Dern
POLLARD, MaggieTownsville1888-1910 Eleanor Barry
POLLARD, MaggieCairns1910-1923 Eleanor Barry
POLLARD, WalterTownsville1888-1925 Eleanor Barry
POPE, Arkles WilliamALLALL Brian Greenaway
PUTT, Arthur PEALL1920-1983 Di Webb
PUTT, William HCTownsville1895 Di Webb
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QUINN, JamesTownsville1870-1882 Karolyne Quinn
QUINN, Michael AlbertTownsville1880-1910 Karolyne Quinn
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REALCharters Towers, Rockhampton 1890+Kimelle Davis
RICE, Arthur D Cairns1900-1970 Kevin Robins
RICE, WilliamCairns1886-1900 Kevin Robins
RICE, WilliamTate Tin Mines1886-1900 Kevin Robins
RICE, WilliamPort Douglas1886-1900 Kevin Robins
RIDERTownsville1880-1980 Phillip Murphy
ROBBINS, MaryCairns1950-1980 Kevin Robins
ROBERT, CatherineCairns1876-1930 Jacqui Wyatte
ROBERT, Ernst Louis (Louis Ernst)Cairns1876-1930 Jacqui Wyatte
RULEMackay1880+ Iona Fettell
RUSSELL, Henry JamesALL1800+ Christine Grell
RYAN, CatherineALLPre 1918 Kimelle Davis
RYDERTownsville1880-1980 Phillip Murphy
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SAVAGE, William Calvert Townsville1870 Annette Anderson
SCHAPER, Carl AHMackay1890-1926 Lorrae Johnson
SEYMORE, RobertALL1890-1900 Di Webb
SHANAHAN, Helena MarieThursday Island1890 Wendy Murphy
SHANAHAN, Helena MarieCroydon1889 Wendy Murphy
SHANAHAN, Mary Ann (Marion)Croydon1889 Wendy Murphy
SHEEHY, Edward WalterRockhampton1878-1910 Margaret Szalay
SHEEHY, John EugeneRockhampton1884+ Margaret Szalay
SHEEHY, Mary AdelineRockhampton1882-1930 Margaret Szalay
SHEEHY, Theresa AgnesRockhampton1890-1959 Margaret Szalay
SHEEHY, Thomas AmbroseRockhampton1901- Margaret Szalay
SHEEHYWilliam, Rockhampton1848-1926 Margaret Szalay
SHEEHY, William HerbertRockhampton1875-1907 Margaret Szalay
SHEEHANMackay1870+ Iona Fettell
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SHEPHERD, AlexanderClermont1885 Christine Thompson
SHEPHERD, Francis StanleyRavenswood1889 Christine Thompson
SHEPPARD, HughMareeba1900 Leslie Bell
SHEPPARD, HughChillagoe1900 Leslie Bell
SMITH, Arthur DouglasTownsville1885+ Chris Wright
SMITH, JamesTownsville1870 Annette Anderson
SMITH, John TurnerTownsville1880-1930 Chris Wright
SPENCE, ElizaTownsville1880+ Ken Deuble
SPENCE, ElizaCharters Towers1900+ Ken Deuble
SPENCE, JamesBowen1930+ Ken Deuble
SPENCE, James STownsville1884+ Ken Deuble
SPENCE, SophiaBowen1930+ Ken Deuble
STENLAKE, William HenryRockhampton1865-1881 Peter Morris
STEVENSON, RobertLongreach1898 Rhonda Harris
STICK, CharlesCharters Towers1883-1903 Robyn Vernon
STONE, EdwinALL1920+ Kimelle Davis
STRANGE, BarwellCroydon1890-1900 Kevin Robins
STRANGE, BarwellCairns1890-1910 Kevin Robins
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TAU, William PaulCairnsAny Geoff Horton
TAYLOR, Arthur WTownsville1894 Ken Deuble
TAYLOR, HarrietTownsville1890+ Ken Deuble
THE RHYTHM BOYSTownsville1930's Elizabeth Eldred
THICK, SidneyCharters Towers1889 Annette Anderson
TILBY, RebeccahCairnsc1900 Lyn Poulton
TREMBATH, WilliamCharters Towers1890+ Chris Wright
VERRAN, William HenryCharters Towers1887-1925 Robyn Vernon
VERRAN, William JohnCharters Towers1889 Robyn Vernon
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WAITE, GeorgeProserpine1875-1883 Eleanor Barry
WAITE, GeorgeTownsville1873-1937 Eleanor Barry
WALSH, PatrickCharters Towers1883 Annette Anderson
WALSH, Peter BarnardALL1890+ Kiaran Walsh
WALSH, SydneyCharters Towers1900+ Chris Wright
WALSH, SydneyInnisfail1900+ Chris Wright
WALSH, William ErnestCharters Towers1880 Chris Wright
WEEKSAll1870+ Nikki Carlos
WESCHEMackay1866 Lorrae Johnson
WHEELERTownsville1800+ Ken Deuble
WILLIAMS, Arthur EvanCharters Towers1887 Darlene Allen
WILLIAMS, Eliza JaneClermont1885 Christine Thompson
WILSON, Ethel MayALLALL Brian Greenaway
WILSON, Jessie ArklesCairns1911-1959 Brian Greenaway
WILSON, John EdwardHughenden1898-1909 Brian Greenaway
WILSON, Madeline MariaALLALL Brian Greenaway
WINCENAll1890 Meredith-Louise McElligott
WINCEN, Rupert ErnestCharters Towers1898 Meredith-Louise McElligott
WORTH, Amy EdithALLALL Beattie Mayo
WORTH, George HenryALLALL Beattie Mayo
WRIGHTMackay1890+ Iona Fettell
WRIGHTProserpine1890+ Iona Fettell
WRIGHT, Frederick JohnInnisfail1895+ Chris Wright
WRIGHT, HarryInnisfail1890+ Chris Wright
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YOUNG, DonaldEmerald1930- Margaret Szalay

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